Castro flaunts power, pajamas

15 08 2006

Havana, Cuba. In a spectacular display of will-power, Cuban leader Fidel Castro flexed his Communist muscle on Monday, his 80th birthday, assuring the world that he had regained full control of his faculties. Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezeula, was honored to receive an invite to Castro’s “Communist-only-red-hot-pajama-party”–an event that allegedly included an 80-member salsa band, a harem, and an alpaca. Chavez, who donated the alpaca, claims that “at first, I was wary of Fidel’s insistence on my wearing red pajamas and admiring his extensive doll collection, but as soon as Raul showed up with the peyote, I knew that the Revolution was alive and well.”




2 responses

15 08 2006

Are those bobbleheads on the table in the background!? Looks like the communists are falling for some of the capitalist pigs’ marketing ploys.

20 08 2006

i’ve been considering throwing a Communist party…perhaps it will have to become the red hot pajama kind.

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