Justin Timberlake claims that “lint is edible”

21 08 2006

In recent weeks, Justin Timberlake, former member of boys-band “N-Sync,” has expressed his views on everything from the addictability of caffeine over heroin to the “recent bulls**t invasion of Iran by Israel.”

Timberlake emerged from his Hollywood home this morning to make his daily statement to the press. However, reporters could not make out his words since his mouth appeared to be full of a light, fluffy blue substance. “Lim’s edabull,” he said proudly, folding his arms across his chest. Straining to hear, a cameraman asked him to speak louder. “Lim’s edabull. It’s mothafugun edabull mothafuga!” Timberlake then proceeded to the backyard, lifted up his dryer vent, and began to inhale deeply.




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