Condoleeza “goin’ for that vamp look”

6 10 2006

WASHINGTON: For the past two years, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has endured a series of tense negotiations with world leaders in the Middle East, trying every single approach to foreign policy: cajoling, taunting, scoffing, threatening. Then, last Sunday, on the brink of resorting to diplomacy, Condi found advice and guidance from an unexpected source: her hairdresser, Genevieve Stapleton: “it’s the hair, C. That shit’s got to go.” Hours later, Rice emerged from an undisclosed salon with a 1920’s vamp haircut, the popular choice for androgynous femme fatales, like…

Louise Brooks

Mia Wallace

Miranda Richardson




2 responses

6 10 2006

that’s sort of what my hair looks like now, actually. i’m just offended personally though, not politically.

6 10 2006

I’m offended too, but neither personally nor politically. I’m offended as a fan of old movies. I don’t ever want to see Louise Brooks and Condoleeza in such close proximity again.

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