President Calls For Rumsfeld’s Resignation; Rumsfeld Declines

9 11 2006

Donald H. Rumsfeld: Secretary of Defense

WASHINGTON, Weds., 11/8: This afternoon, President Bush called for Rumsfeld’s immediate resignation as Secretary of Defense. The unanimous verdict of the Senate and House elections, eight furious generals, and seventy-five percent of the military officer corps left the current administration with no option but to demand for his dismissal. Upon learning this information, the former Defense Secretary flatly refused: “out of thousands and thousands of admirals and generals, if every time two or three presidents disagreed we changed the secretary of defense of the United States, it would be like a merry-go-round.” Several hours later, after a dozen repeated demands, security personnel forcibly entered Rumsfeld’s office in the Pentagon where he was crouched in a corner, wearing his wrestling uniform from Princeton. “Never surrender!” he shouted, “Guantanam-ohhhhhh!”




2 responses

9 11 2006
Amy P

Greg —
I love the small detail of a line through the name and title of FORMER Director of U.S. Take Overs, I mean Defense.

10 11 2006

Thanks. Now he can assume some post in a mega-corporation like those other neocon leftovers from the 80’s…hey, wait a second! G

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