Local Man Shot Dead in Freak Nintendo Accident

25 11 2006

MILWAUKEE, WS.: After a four-hour stand-down in Winnequequeg Mall, host of an annual game competition/fundraiser for victims of A.D.D., police officers shot and killed Delmore Grieux, a 19-year old college student who refused to comply with demands to “step away from the console.” An avid fan of Ninetendo Wii, a new gaming system which responds to bodily movements, including arm jolts, shoulder twitches, and facial tics, Delmore ignored repeated requests to “drop the Wii.” When he virtually taunted a bystander with the joystick, several officers opened fire, riddling his body with bullets. The bystander remained transfixed in front of a television screen, marvelling at how “life-like” his writhing seemed.




2 responses

24 12 2006
Katie Jane

Wow!!! These video game really are getting dangerous, huh? Geez, poor kid.

25 12 2006

yep–should have worn protection. cover that wii.

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