Class Action Paternity Suit Filed Against Anna Nicole Smith

11 02 2007

LOS ANGELES: Anna Nicole Smith’s death has had a massive impact on those whom she has left behind, especially those with whom she may or may not have sired illegitimate children. This afternoon, the first “class action paternity lawsuit” was filed against Anna Nicole Smith for custody of her daughter, Danielynn. By Friday, three men had stepped forward, each claiming exclusive rights to the $475 million that Danielynn represented: her former boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, her attorney-lover Howard K. Stern, and Prince Frederick Van Anhalt (the current husband of Zsa-Zsa Gabor).
Anna Nicole-Smith with her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, a former-defendent-turned-plantiff in the case.

But by this morning, over 15,000 more men emerged at the municipal county courthouse in downtown Los Angeles to file a class action lawsuit for paternity rights. Chanting a bizarre medley that included “Who’s Your Daddy?” and “We Shall Overcome,” the disgruntled crowd suddenly began to consider the responsibilities of fatherhood…started to drink heavily, curse, fight, destroy public property, and finally abandon the site at a dead-beat pace.

A crowd of infuriated fathers with steep bills to pay stages a protest outside the municipal courthouse in Los Angeles, California.




7 responses

11 02 2007
mark day

If they want to serve her a summons, they can find her at he great comedy club in the sky…

12 02 2007

Elvis is the real father.

12 02 2007

Have ye no respect for the blonde?!

13 02 2007

I’ve got a vested interest in this! (I’m the guy 12 rows back on the far left side!)

13 02 2007
14 02 2007

some can only wonder if…
…they could’ve been that one in a million.

15 02 2007

true…it’s like a lotto with the public(!)

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