Porn Theatre Customer Mistakenly Wanders Into Bush Rally

12 03 2007



J.D. Farrell, an avid patron of pornography, accidentally stumbled upon a political rally to garner support for the current President.

Last Wednesday, J.D. Farrell a resident of Boise, Idaho, was acutely disappointed to find that a local “Rally for Bush” contained no pornographic material whatsoever. Farrell, a frequent customer of The Pink Pussycat Theater, had kept track of multiple advertisements for the demonstration, but was completely caught off-guard when he attended the event, only to find himself surrounded by a tightly-knit crowd of local businessmen who had brought along their wives and children as tax-deductible expenses. “It was sickening,” Farrell winced, “They were chanting and holding hands and patting each other on the backs, all chummy-like. I felt so dirty.”