Don Imus To Star in “Highway to Heaven” Remake

10 04 2007

In addition to his two week suspension from CBS Radio and MSNBC, Don Imus must also atone for his racist comments by playing Jonathan Smith, the swaggering, Fonzie-esque angel who descended to earth to save mankind in the hit 80’s television show “Highway to Heaven.”

Imus, who bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Michael Landon, was pegged for the part right after his agent realized that it was highly unlikely that any other offers would come his way in the near future.

In addition, Michael Richards has been cast as his disgruntled, caustic sidekick, Mark Gordon (formerly played by Victor French).

Both actors have signed contracts stipulating that they will not speak–at any moment–in the film. Instead, they must also allow a designated number of racially balanced and morally righteous media pundits to speak on their behalf during press junkets, talk shows, and daily news programs.

It is rumored that Mel Gibson will also play a cameo in the opening scene…as a recovering Driver’s Ed instructor.




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