Congress Threatens President with “No Timetable for Legislative War”

26 04 2007

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, Arizona) has recently reciprocated the President’s decision to veto Congressional legislation that calls for a clearly defined withdrawal of American troops:

“Two can play at that game,” Mr. Reid said, sublimating every trace of fury into a restrained, diplomatic poker face: “I will see your indefinite war–and raise you a prolonged battle in Congress!”

Reid, an inveterate gambler, has countered the President’s every blunt move with tactics so subtle that no legislative body can enact them. “When the President surged,” he said, in a quiet, modest voice, “we slumped. When he wiped out that terrorist training camp outside of Fallujah, we introduced a new addendum to our last withdrawal mandate. And believe me–he never saw that move coming.”




2 responses

26 04 2007

Reid for Prez!

Impeach Cheney
Impeach Bush

Regain American Intergrity

5 08 2007


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