1 05 2007





Personal of the Day



I’m all about the luvin’, baby. Aww jeah. Got 29 compatibility factors to proov it. I will hook yo a** up, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, geographic location, Judeo-Christian denomination, or pending maternity/paternity litigation. I got yo match, baby. He/she is exactly what you’ve always been lookin’ for. What’s that? None of them even remotely looks like their photos? Nevah started Open Communication? He/she jus’ breathed heavy in the phone, then asked you for a ____ in the _____? Jus’ hangon. What? A ____ in the _____? Damn. That ain’t legal in mos’ states and I know it ain’t Christian. C’mon now, don’ cry. You wan’ an xtra month on here for free? You got it. Like I said, I’m all about the luvin’, baby.




3 responses

1 05 2007
Amy P

Got-to-love-that-lovin but in this case…… ICK!!!

6 05 2007

He IS all about the luvin’. I mean, look at that sexy old fox…..he sexy….he so sexy….awww yeah!!! Ju know he got moves dat make a hooka blush. Dat’s OLD SKOO baby….dat’s right…..OLD SKOOooooo. Hook me up…..hook me up. I only need da one compatablity facta……and dat’s the facta i be measurin’ up against the rula tatooeed on my inna thigh, baby…..awwww yeah!! We see who needs da extra six munts afta dat!!! Yeah.

6 05 2007


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