Area Man Scammed by Holy Spirit Impersonator

24 05 2007


Valley, AL. Barry Flindersen had experienced the rapture of the Holy Spirit on several prior occasions: during a meeting at his 7th Day Adventist Church, at a family picnic, and once, after a prolonged bout of lovemaking with his wife, Anna. The Lord, as he was well aware, worked in mysterious ways.

“So it was a surprise–but no shock,” Mr. Flindersen said, “when the Holy Spirit arrived again last Thursday in mail format, informing me that things would ‘start turning around.’ I’d been having a real bad day, feeling vulnerable and weak, and usually when I feel like this, that’s about the time He shows up asking for a donation.”

Little did Barry know that he would become the target of a cruel, satanic prank. “When I opened up the letter, there it was: a tongue of fire descending from the sky, as prophesied in Isiah 5:24. I thought, well, gee: this must be my lucky day!”

Noticing three blue arrows in a circle, Mr. Flindersen understood “as if led by the hand of the Almighty Himself: things were sure going to start turning around for me.”


However, upon turning the image upside down (as directed), Flindersen was shocked to discover that he had been the victim of the following offensive gesture:





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