Cellmate Struggles With Nickname for Scooter Libby

9 06 2007

Ron “Rosy” Palmer, future cellmate of Lewis “Scooter” Libby, has recently come to an impasse. Palmer, who was convicted of assaulting a Florida voting booth during the 2000 election, has resided in McClelland Federal Penitentiary ever since. In lieu of attacking stationary objects, Palmer now finds solace in taunting fellow inmates with humiliating labels.

Until recently, that is…he now faces the daunting prospect of devising a nasty nickname, epithet, or catchphrase for Libby. “I’ve racked my brain over this one,” he says, “and believe me: I’ve tried them all out on the other guys, but nothing quite fits:

‘Who’s Yo’ Libby?’

‘Boot Scooter Boogie.’

‘I Got Yer Press Conference: right here.’

‘The Ol’ Ball & Cheney.”

‘Hey, Lewis (Caroll): Eat Me, B*tch!'”

Please post any other inappropriate nicknames you’d like to add here…




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10 06 2007
Hugh Jass

Mrs Ron “Libby” Palmer

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