Goldman Sachs Sends Threatening Man to the World Bank

7 07 2007

MUNICH: An anonymous man, with strong ties to Goldman Sachs, has now revealed himself as Robert Zoellick to members of the World Bank. For the past month, Mr. Zoellick has written anonymous, threatening letters to the organization, promising to “raise a multi-national economic empire to rival the Third Reich.” His letters, all hand-written in a crisp, Der-Fuhrer font, were recently sent to dozens of newspapers and blogs across the country, including Doubletake.

F.B.I. officials noticed nothing unusual about Zoellick’s demands, dismissing typical signs of megalomania endemic to Bush appointees. Here is an innocuous excerpt:

First, ve vill build und empire! How, you ask? Ve vill give ze countries no-hassle credit und zen charge interest so high zey never pay it back! Ve vill make Yeager-schnitzel out of zem!




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