Slam, Bam, Thank You, Ann

13 07 2007


Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for putting ‘Doubletake’ on the map.

Before Elizabeth Edwards b**ch-slapped you on “Hardball” a couple weeks ago, our blog had a small, loyal audience of 10. Afterwards, some 20,000 users logged on and dozens of them–including you–have joined a lively debate about your relative worth and worthlessness as a pundit.

I’m a modest man. I don’t know how to say a thing except to just come right out and say it: you have changed my life, woman. You play hardball with my heart…and other organs. You hit me like a “Wham” concert–at least the half of that band that’s not gay. Wake me up before you go, ho.

Color me bad, baby, but I want to pour some sugar on you. My Whitesnake has a question: are you slippery when wet?

Victor Weinberger, Editor-in-Chief, Doubletake




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