Rove Recalls the Halcyon Days of Watergate…

14 08 2007

Today, President Bush bid farewell to his closest, most loyal advisor: Karl Rove. And a-rovin’ he will go, home to his crone, his kiddies, and kidney stone.

It was an emotional ceremony. Karl offered a moving speech, holding back the tears. He made many pleas to the grand future, to “God, the Almighty,” patting that soft fuzzy spot in his chest called patriotic zeal. The President hugged him, on national television: a first. Karl held on for dear life until secret servicemen restrained him, escorting him away to a helicopter.

Watching him go was a little like watching Elvis in the mid 1970’s. Speaking of bloated, delusional supporters of Nixon, Karl Rove must remember those days very well. In the back of his mind, there might have been a glimmer of recognition, a faint memory of the extraordinary role that he played in helping to reshape political campaigns for the Republican party. No longer would electoral politics be based on the stump speech but on the canvas-mail campaign! Who needs to build a base at the bottom when you can start at the top?

Let’s take a moment and remember Karl in his halcyon days, a mere few months before Watergate. And before watching this clip, notice the investigative reporter? Hint: he was once fired for leaking false information to the press. Ironic, ain’t it?

Rove / Nixon




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