Star Wars Trumpeter: More Painful Than Root Canal Surgery…

11 10 2007

Star Wars Trumpet Stacy Hedger

Star Search (Star Wars Style)




6 responses

13 10 2007

i…i don’t know what’s worse…the musical slaughter or the Charlie Chaplinesque heel click in those hideous shoes. who let her do this? where are her parents? her friends? people with eyes?

19 10 2007

Actually, this fells kind of like watching “The Phantom Menace.”

19 10 2007

Er, “feels.”

7 11 2007

I think the phantom menace actually … may be better.

Oh wait, nope, this wins. It’s shorter – and no JAR JAR. +1.

4 12 2007

Was she even playing? Almost looks as if her ghost trumpeter got some revenge on her. Or perhaps they told her “don’t worry, we’ll make sure nobody can hear you” and then cranked up the mic? lol
She could have at least recognized the problem and TUNED. Even a guess.

4 12 2007

She indeed is a ghost–a Phantom Menace unto herself.

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