NGC Cancels Spin-off: “Dog Heavy Breatherer”

28 12 2007


After a six-week pilot, Cesar Millan’s “Dog Heavy Breatherer” was canceled this past Thursday; The National Geographic Channel cited irreconcilable differences with Millan, who insisted that making late-night, obscene phone calls to pets, riddled with discipline problems, was the only surefire way to set them on the road to recovery.



4 responses

15 01 2008

I think my dog, Seamus, actually likes these calls. AND I got a huge phone bill this month. Are these warning signs?

23 01 2008

you are one sick puppy!

5 02 2010

give him a breake

13 04 2010

Our family has been fortunate in wading through a difficult educational system. I attended fine private schools growing up ,but that was then.My wife and I had to work very strategically to get each of our children into top private schools that will help them attain their educational goals and hopefully succeed in life.
And all I wanted growing up was a German Shepard dog.

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