Meek Demand Inheritance of the Earth

31 01 2008


The meek prostrate themselves before a higher State Power during lunch break on Thursday.

Los Angeles, CA. In a historic move, the meek have demanded an immediate and thorough inheritance of the earth. After two thousand years of practicing abject humility, poverty, squalor, and general filthiness, meeks were shocked to discover that their refusal to take on 9-to-5 jobs in the business sector for the past seven years had not earned them a single government-issued rebate check.

Meek spokesman Harold Grovell attested that “for twenty generations, my family has single-handedly endured earthquakes, plagues, locusts, indigent health care, and public transportation—but this is total bulls**t.” Grovell came to this conclusion last Wednesday after attending a local meek-stoning. During the festivities, he turned the other cheek to the crowd twice, and discovered, on the second turn, that he had run out of cheeks.

“That’s when I knew something had to change. It was time for us to demand reparations, organize en masse, seize public property, raise awareness…let me ask you something: you ever seen a poor man go through the eye of a needle?? F**k that sh*t.”




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