Terrorists Expose Themselves to Americans

16 02 2008


In a dramatic, tour-de-force reversal, Terrorists™ exposed themselves to Americans this past Saturday in Long Beach, CA. Shucking their Islamo-fascist uniforms, the diabolical extremists turned their backsides on freedom, then absconded to a nudist colony/cell.

Americans, who have exposed themselves to terrorism on numerous occassions, never expected that the terrorists would strike back.




7 responses

28 05 2009
shin yu vun

American are the worlds biggest terrorists. they not know who is there sister and who is there mother , they not know what they are doing in front of their children and babies, because they not know about the the clothes and they have no shame………………
such as shown in the pictures as many more such like that……..
you can,t believe on this because every one like you are against such ideas they out of any religion such persons mind like naturiest and any other in the europe and australian country people who like to be a naturiest ,,,,,,,,,,,,
my mean that people are bare in front of their children any others people which are neighbours…………….
if you mind then you are naturiest other wise an American terorist

3 10 2009

Re: Shin Yu Vun

If you think there is something wrong with the way a bare body looks then maybe you should (instead of taking time to rant in broken english) go curse your god for making such a horrible image. Pffftttt small minded people really kill my soul bit by bit. To compare a nudist to a terrorist is just a demonstration of brain damage.

13 07 2009

Hi. What are you trying to say? Find someone who speaks your language and English. Tell them in your language what you are trying to say. They will help you compose a paragraph. Good luck!

16 07 2009
sam baswnaa

this is like the judgment day for the Terrorists .

20 07 2009

AGH! Wrinkly old man butts!!!

22 07 2009

i like it.

2 01 2010
no one

like we see in the picture..any one see it can say one think

those people like animals ….

cuz the animals whos live without clothes

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