John Donne: Poet by Day, Playa by Night

22 06 2008

She’s all game, and all playas I ;
Nothin’ else is ;
Playas do but play us ; compared to this,
All’s H as a bizzle, all ballin’ a scam.
You, lady, ain’t half as high as me,
In that your herb’s a half-a-dime-bag ;
Your game’s for skeezas, and since that dank’s too dry
To warm the herb, that’s done in warmin’ us.
Smoke here with us, and you are everywhere ;
This crib your center is, these balls your sphere.

–“The Dank’s Risin'” (From The Chronic 1600)

The material above in no way reflects the views of our editors or staff members. In fact, several of our hired underlings found it offensive–Victor Weinberger, Senior Editor, Doubletake