Middle Class Declares War on Lou Dobbs

15 04 2009


After more than a decade of enduring a war declared on their behalf, the middle class has finally returned the favor.On Weds., at high noon, the middle class collectively declared war on Lou Dobbs.

In recent years, bourgeois members have noted  increased hostilities, including Dobbs’s grumbling, shrugging, baleful-staring, relentless disgust with daily headlines, and persistent demands for Metamucil. Things came to a head last Friday, when Dobbs declared a “Middle Class Memorial Weekend” in lieu of Passover and Easter observances, then turned around, bent over, and asked A.I.G., Timothy Geithner, and Nancy Pelosi to “kiss my tuckus.”

Dobbs refused to answer questions posed by Doubletake, although he did grumble, then spit like a camel in heat on one of our reporters.